Sports Betting Advice – Handicapping 101

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My intent of this article is not to go over many of the basics of sports handicapping or lingo, but I feel slightly compelled, mostly out of requests to review the most pertinent points to understand sports betting  handicapping. With that in mind let’s review some basic betting advice to get you started on the right foot.


It makes no sense to me that over 100 million people will wager close to $100 billion dollars on sports events each year. Now the overwhelming majority of these people are compulsive losing gamblers. They lack discipline or anything even closely resembling a consistent winning system to follow.


If you are relatively new to sports betting handicapping, you will likely need a responsible and reputable place to wager. Unless you live in Nevada or a country where sports betting is legal, you will have to find an online site that is very friendly, will not steal you blind or place unreasonable barriers on your plays. To try to explain that statement will take too long, so suffice it to say, be sure to choose a sports books on the web that will save you money on the “vigorish.” Typical “vigorish” is for every $10 wagered to win you must risk $11, so the “vig” is 10%. Some have 5-7%. 


Money Management

Wow, an entire day could be spent on this topic alone, but to be more precise, be sure to sign up for my 7 part mini course “Seven Secrets the Casinos and Your Book Don’t Want You to Know” for my complete “quarter” money system.


  • Against the Spread (ATS) – typical betting line for football or basketball will be Team A -6, meaning the team must win by more than 6 points. And conversely, if you have the underdog team at +6, they would have to lose by less than 6 points or win the game outright. Ties are just that, you do not lose. 
  • Moneyline – there is no spread involved. Example, -140, which you may typically see in baseball, means that in order to win $100 you would have to wager $140, and conversely a line of +140 means you would wager $100 to win $140. 
  • Over/Under – you will notice in football, basketball, and baseball that there is usually an over/under number listed and that just means either the total number of runs, total points, or total score of that particular game and you are betting that the score will be higher or lower than the posted line. 
  • Parlay – a parlay is where you bet on two or more teams with steep odds of winning and a great payout, but in the long run this is more of a sucker bet and you will loose the great majority of those if not all of them. 
  • Future bet – an example would be of making a wager on a Super Bowl or World Series winning team at some point during the regular season for baseball or football in this example. 

These are the most common scenarios that you would need to be concerned with. 


You see, in general, there are not too many terms that you need to be familiar with to understand what you really need to know in terms of sports betting advice. There are many other terms that will only lead you down the wrong sports betting handicapping road. The wrong road is strongly in favor of the sports book and certainly not your bottom line.

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