Striking Fun With Bowling Birthday Party Supplies

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Lots and lots of birthday party themes are strictly for kids. Once in a while, one comes along that can work for a birthday for ‘kids’ of all ages. Bowling birthday party supplies fill that need. Sure, all these great party items will be perfect for your 5 year old’s birthday celebration. But these would be equally right for the 50 year old in your house.

Start off the game right with a Bowling Deluxe Pack. It holds plates, cups, napkins, placemats, balloons, and tons more partyware. Add a personalized Bowling birthday banner, streamers, wall decorations and some Bowling Mylar balloons to the party room and you are all set for the guests.

For a kids party, remember to get some Favor Boxes. Each one holds a bowling pin keychain, a bowling shirt notepad, crayons, a miniature gumball machine, and more. You know, come to think of it, the older crowd might like those, too!

Your Bowling party couldn’t be complete without a Mini Bowling Party Game Set. With 10 1″ plastic pins and a metal ball, this game provides tons of fun. Kids from 5 to 50 will find it a challenge. You can set up a miniature bowling alley in a jiffy and assign teams. Just make sure the family cat is nowhere nearby when you start to play!

Once the game is over, gather everyone into the den and set up the Bowling Pin Pinata. Fill your pinata with a variety of toys and candy that guests will appreciate. Get set to take some pictures of all those happy faces when the goodies come tumbling down.

Get a Birthday Message Camera. It comes pre-loaded with 35mm film and has its own built-in flash. When the photos are developed they show 1 of 6 pre-printed messages at the bottom. They’re so easy to use that even young children can handle one. You can mail them inside the Bowling Thank You Notes you send to the guests after the party is over.

Now it’s time to throw your own strike. Time for cake and refreshments! With the Bowling Pin Sipper bottles, the very funny looking Bowling shirt shaped dinner plates and a whole bunch of Bowling Pin Candles, you are all set up. Light the candles and let the birthday guest of honor knock them down with a mighty gust of wind.

Set up your pins and shine your bowling shoes. Polish your ball and get ready for a celebration. Whether you’re planning a celebration for your little one or your spouse, you’ll win the championship when you use Bowling party goods!

Off to the bowling alley for another round of bowling fun!


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