Super Bowl Long Shots – Part 1

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Staying with the trend that the NFC will produce the next Super Bowl Champion, perhaps the Buccaneers at 35 to 1 might be worth the chance to come through. No, we are not big Tampa Fans but we like Gruden as a coach and think he might be ready for another run.

John Gruden did wonders for Rich Gannon and I think Brian Griese will start to show similar results this year. Clayton is a great young wide receiver and the young stud running back Williams will make Florida fans forget about the other Williams. Also look out for Larry Brackins at wide receiver; he could be the steal of the draft.

Defense struggled to stay at their standards and will be challenged to uphold the tradition. The D has gotten old but with the projected offensive numbers they will not have to be as good all the time.

Tampa Bay has a chance to be 3-3 going into their bye. When they come out they will be at San Francisco which should put them at 4-3. The next two games will decide if they are to make a run. They get Carolina and Washington at home. If they head out to Chicago with a 6-3 record, then they will have a great shot of positioning themselves for the playoffs. At that point they would be down to around 15 to 1 odds, so grab them now at 35 to 1.

Is this a great bet? Well it is 35 to 1 so we will go out on a limb and say no, but at 35 to 1 and with the Eagles as the only true proven power house in the NFC, why not Tampa Bay to slide through?


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