Super Bowl Party Ideas Food, Menus, Activities For A Great Football Party

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When considering all the possibilities and options available for a Super Bowl Party, I found a plethora of options including healthy options for the standard super bowl foods such as beer, hoagies, clam dip, rich onion dip, and potato chips, chili, burgers and hot dogs. I found a huge list of party games and activities as well. Then, after I thought about it, I realized one thing. Other than a football betting pool, if anyone suggested an activity during the Super Bowl that did not involve being glued to the game and leaving only long enough to dash to the loo, OR attempted to pry that hoagie and chips from anyone’s fingers, there was going to be real trouble. You can add some fun stuff to your betting pool, like how long the game will last, the MVP, who wins the coin toss, first touchdown and turnover, score at the end of each quarter, and so on.

For that reason, here is a disclaimer concerning Super Bowl activities, games, and healthy alternatives to you in hopes you would not feel inferior if everyone in your house preferred the tried and true to activities and healthy alternatives. That being said, here are some suggestions you could use as alternatives, if you are so inclined.


oFootball Trivia

oFootball piñata

orubber-tipped dart guns for your guests so they can shoot at the opposing team on the TV screen

oFootball Stand up comedy where everyone brings football jokes to tell at halftime.

Traditional Superbowl Foods

oPotato chips and clam dip (made with sour cream and mayonnaise)

oCheese ball

oCalifornia onion dip

oPotato salad, cole slaw

oCocktail franks in sauce

oHamburgers, hot dogs, chili, hoagies

oCreamy clam chowder

oCereal-based party mix (made with butter and garlic)


Non Traditional Super Bowl Foods

oBaked tortillas and salsa

oTurkey or vegetarian chili


oHoney-mustard flavored pretzels

oFat-free bean dip, salsa

oAll-natural fruit juices (with snappy names in individual bottles)

oFrozen yogurt, sorbet

write by Neil

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