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Don’t wait until kick off to prepare for the biggest game day of the year! After all, failure to plan is planning to fail. So instead of waiting until the last minute, prepare for the ultimate game day celebration with these tips and tricks.

Get Organized

And we don’t mean sweep the floor. The entire day is focused on the most important piece of furniture in your room: the television. Make sure there is adequate seating for each guest. If you’re able to, provide more than one television for viewing, such as an extra one in the kitchen. This way, you’ll be able to catch each play no matter how busy prepping the food you are!

If kids are invited, create an alternative space for them to run around and have their own fun without interrupting the big game. Ideally, a secured backyard or driveway will give them the space to play tag, hoops, whatever in a safe environment. Outdoors not an option? Consider renting the latest must-see movie and create a mini-private theater for the kids. Don’t forget bowls of popcorn and candy to keep them content!

Get Grub

Who wants meatloaf?! Nothing says “game day” like a roast turkey and mashed potatoes, right? Wrong! When it comes to your menu, think portable. The smaller, the better. Quick ideas include: pigs in a blanket, cheese and crackers, salsas and chips, and wings. Choose recipes that you can easily prepare so you won’t spend all four quarters in the kitchen. If you’re set on serving a heartier dish, consider saving it for half time when everyone is less likely to jump up and knock plates over. For healthier fare, trade out chips and crackers with fresh cut veggies. This way, your football fans can still enjoy classics like buffalo dip or spinach dip but with celery, carrots and peppers instead of greasy chips.

Drink Up!

Super Bowl Sunday is an excuse for all to kick back and relax. Get props for being the host(ess) with the most by doing your research. If Uncle Ed only drinks a certain diet soda and Aunt Sally can only have clear fluids, be sure to have both on hand. Keep alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks separate so that no children accidentally get adult beverages. Moreover, make the event special for the little ones by serving their own bubbly: sparkling apple cider!

Plan for Messes

Be sure to stock your home with paper towels, napkins, plates and trash bags. Its nail-biting events like these that guests often put their plate down, forget it, and take a second one. Moreover, the likelihood that salsa hits the floor during a 80-yard return for a touchdown is more than good, so keep rug cleaner, paper towels and a rag nearby. When the time clock has ran out, there will be a mass exodus out of your home. The easiest way to clean up and restore your room is by tossing everything into garbage bags. You may want to hang on to leftover veggies or chips, but most dips, treats and dishes that have been sitting out all evening are probably less healthy to reheat or eat again. Chalk it up as a loss and toss it out!

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write by Erwin Izquierdo

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