Tennessee Titans Certain 2009 Will Bring Them Another Playoff Bid

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People know the strength and power of the Tennessee Titans. This Nashville, Tennessee football team has created an enormous fan base in a relatively short period of time. Every year since 1999 Tennessee Titans tickets have been sold out and fans know that they need to get their tickets early. With a powerful team and a great half time show the Titans are able to dazzle the crowds that come to see them in action.

A Look at the Tennessee-Houston Franchise

The Tennessee Titans were once known as the Houston Oilers and the team was a charter member in the AFL dating back to 1960. At this time the Oilers were based in Houston, Texas. The football team claimed two American Football League championship titles prior to the AFL merger with the National Football League.

In 1997 the Oilers moved to Memphis, Tennessee for their first year and then they settled in their new Nashville home. The name Tennessee Oilers was used in 1997-1998 and then the team’s name became the Tennessee Titans in 1999.

The Houston Oilers were owned by Bud Adams who had tried for an NFL expansion team for several years. When he was unable to obtain the rights to an NFL franchise he and 7 other friends created the AFL in 1960. Adams’ Oilers won the first AFL championship match-up against the LA Chargers during the league’s debut season and then won again in 1961. In 1962 they were again in the AFL championship but eventually lost this one to the Dallas Texans team in a double overtime event.

Once the AFL-NFL merger had taken place the Oilers found themselves at the bottom of their division. This was during the early 70s. By the end of the 70s the team was making it into the playoffs every year. The 80s again proved difficult for the team and they did not have much success until 1987. However the Houston Oilers would be one of the best AFC teams from 1987 to 1993. The city even made over $60 million dollars in improvements to the Astrodome so that more tickets could be sold for the games.

Bud Adams was getting a lot of the blame for the Oilers not making it to the Super Bowl. People were aware that he tried to micromanage the sport team and often overruled the players and coaching staff. After the team lost to the Buffalo Bills when they blew a 35-3 lead in a Wild Card game Adams decided to tell them that if they did not make the Super Bowl in 1993 the Oilers would be through. The team managed to go 12-4 and they claimed the Central division AFC title. They were unable to make it to the Super Bowl and Adams traded their star player, Warren Moon. The Houston Oilers would never again be the strong team that they had been for the past 6 years.

Adams began to press Houston to build a new stadium and was turned down. The city residents had just seen millions go into improving the Astrodome and did not want to commit more money so soon. This gave Adams an opening to see what other locations might show interest in the Oilers team

Houston Angered by Adam’s Traitorous Move

The move of the Oilers to Nashville, Tennessee was announced at the close of the 1995 season. The Tennessee city had made a promise of posting $144 million for a new stadium and $70 million in ticket revenues. Houston would give no additional money to Adams because this move was considered to be treacherous by the Houston residents and city officials. The team played their last season in Houston before so few people that the on field conversations could be heard by anyone in the grandstand seats.

The Tennessee Titans are Ready to Roll

At the beginning of the 1998 season, Bud Adams announced that he would change the team’s name. He finally accepted the name of the Tennessee Titans which met his own requirements as well as coincided with the nickname of Nashville as “The Athens of the South”. In 1999 Tennessee Titans tickets went on sale for the first time in history and the response was overwhelming. The team finished their new debut season with an outstanding 13-3 record.

Titans Make a Spectacular Splash in the NFL Ranks

The football team compiled a 13-3 season record in 2000 and claimed their 3rd AFC Central title, but this was the 1st under the name of the Tennessee Titans. The 2000 season came to an end when the team lost a division playoff game to the Baltimore Ravens. In 2002 the Titans ended the regular season with an 11-5 record but lost the AFC Championship match-up. The team posted a 12-4 record in 2003, and have been making the playoffs almost every year since they relocated to the state of Tennessee.

2009 is a New Opportunity to Win for the Tennessee Titans to Win it All

In 2008 the Titans once again claimed the title of the AFC South Division, but they did not make it into the Super Bowl. The fans were disappointed in the final outcome but remained proud of their team and the effort they made. Tennessee Titans tickets will again be scarce this year and hopeful Tennessee fans expect to see their team go all the way this year.

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