The 2 Most Important Things to Know Before Purchasing a Nat Nast Shirt

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Nat Nast shirts have become very popular due to many television and movie stars wearing these types of shirts. Mr. Nast started his company in 1946 specializing in bowling shirts. The company took off with the development of the “Action Back” style of shirt and has recently been growing extensively because of Nat’s daughters.

Nat Nast shirts are of very high quality and feature cool retro designs. If a person decides to purchase one of these high-class shirts, they need to be aware of 2 important factors:

1. A Nat Nast purchaser must be aware that fake shirts do exist. When buying from sites like (or any other merchant online), always purchase from sellers with high rankings of feedback or reputation. Make sure pictures of the shirts are clear and realize that most of these shirts have high quality top-stitching. If the shirt does not have this top-stitching it could be fake. Also, if the shirt is a “themed Nat Nast” shirt, a description of the theme will be displayed in the tag and have a lower panel stitched on the inside of the shirt.

2. Sizing is another problem a Nat Nast online purchaser may have. If a person is not sure about the sizing, always contact the seller to get exact sizing. Normally Nat Nast shirts run larger than the average shirt. They run in the same size pattern as Tommy Bahama shirts. Nat Nast releases a line of shirts labeled “Nat Nast Vintage Fit 1946”. A person needs to be aware that this line of shirt actually runs smaller than the regular fit. We have noticed this to be big problem when people are purchasing these styles of shirts, so please be conscious of this.

When in doubt of these 2 important factors, always contact the seller. Email them or call them if either option is available. If the seller does not respond, please move on to another seller. Following these precautions a purchaser is sure to end up with an awesome looking, high quality product.

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