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The Gabicci clothing brand was founded in the year 1973 by two entrepreneurs Jack Sofier and Alex Pyser. The clothing range was inspired by Italian style that incorporated a casual look to it. The earlier manufacturing took place in a small warehouse and the clothing range started getting popular. It became a big fashion success when the youth and the fashion conscious along with the old clientele became interested. All the Gabicci shirts promise very good quality with emphasis on the stitching and every other small detailing. Their clothes range from shirts, t shirts and polo shirts to jumpers, sweatshirts, cardigans and v-necks. Given below is a description of the different kinds of shirts introduced by Gabicci.

The Gabicci shirts incorporate a completely retro style. They are similar to the Gabicci cardigans in the terms of the close fitting of the shirts. As per the norms of Gabicci, these shirts are made from excellent quality materials and their fine stitching shows the use of experienced workmanship. They are manufactured using 100 percent cotton and in such a manner that they not only look good but also last longer. The colour shades range black and grey to blue, green and red. The shirts portray the retro shapes of the seventies but yet provide the simple and stylish look that lasts for many years.

Another popular piece for the Gabicci range is their polo shirts. These polo shirts are available in a range of colours. The unique feature of these shirts is the ‘G’ badge that is displayed in the front of every polo shirt. These shirts are greatly versatile and they can be worn for every occasion that requires very casual and yet smart dressing up. The polo shirts come in two different types: Classic and Vintage. Every shirt has three buttons that lead up to the collar.

Gabicci cardigans are also very popular. Gabicci has adopted a very classic style in designing their cardigans and the same style has flourished since many years. It is hand knitted and shows the use of skilled craftsmanship in doing so. The main reasons for its popularity are the designing of the cardigans by keeping clean lines and using good quality materials. So if you are a true retro person, this cardigan is a must in your clothing collection.

Another jewel in the Gabicci collection is the Harrington jacket. These are available in red and blue colours and have two side pockets and button up collar.

There are many websites that stock the Gabicci shirts. Thus if you are interested in buying them, you can always search the internet for the best website to buy these shirts from. The different kinds of shirts are available with their prices and their descriptions. You can always read the descriptions before buying any clothing from these websites. Take the size of your body and buy a shirt that matches the exact size. You can take the help of size charts available on these websites. So, browse through the latest collection of Gabicci shirts available online and team up with different accessories to make a great fashion statement.

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