The Inner Winning Athlete Achiever and Optimal Mindset

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As a former athlete and entrepreneur, I often end up a ‘life coach’ for my friends and neighbors – it’s fun to see people improve and become better versions of themselves. It’s amazing the mental challenges people put up, barriers of the mind if you will. I’d never even considered how bad this was in our culture until I started talking to people who had just given up on life – too stressed out – stopped thinking, and no inner will to succeed or chase their dreams – defeated if you will. How does this happen, I thought to myself. After listening to people talk about this, I realized that maybe I needed to grow a little empathy for others and their plight – even if I don’t think it is even possible for me to think like that.

Recently in discussing this with a friend, a friend in need, the best kind I am told, I explained to him; okay so, I am still trying to grasp this concept, because it is foreign to me, and I guess I don’t have a reference point or perspective to even see it. It sounds like this “mental challenge” is right there in the open for all to see, and I can’t see it. Would you say it’s the same thing a “Writer’s Block” because I used to have that when I first started writing?

I understand that, but it is conquerable, you can defeat any block of that kind. How about the concept of Creative Flow (cite: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi) because for an artist it seems almost the same as an athlete or any Creative Genius Eminent Achiever (cite: Dean Simonton) as those too seem to be similar to what I experience while I slip comfortably into the Zone as athletes call it, where you will events to occur and take your dreams (cite: Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz) and make them a reality.

It seems to me that anyone can do this, but some do it better and are better connected to the skills – will – zone, part.

I began to think, maybe I do have some mental barriers to success, maybe I myself am only achieving a fraction of the best version of myself. So, I contacted a sports coach and psychologist and asked; “What can you offer the seasoned athlete, champion, to help them stay in this optimal space to take their talents to further record-breaking achievements, even beyond the other human competition?”

They told me I was doing fine, but that one can always do better – to that I totally agree – so now when I approach the life-coaching endeavor, I am better able to create champions and then get them to go beyond their belief system towards greatness. Think on this.

write by Baron

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