The Making of Greatness – Miami Dolphins

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The Miami Dolphins is one of the best team in the NFL. Dolphins tickets are being deemed of every football fan. The Miami Dolphins have been able to establish themselves in the field. It s very difficult to find an available Miami tickets considering the team has won twelve Division titles, five Conference titles and two back to back Super Bowl wins. This is because Dolphins tickets are considered to be a priced possession of a true football fan. Dolphins ticket holders were treated to the one of the best games in NFL history when the Miami Dolphins played against the Oakland Raiders in the game that is now famed as the Sea of Hands.

The Miami Dolphins is the first to appear thrice in a row in the Super Bowl. They are also the second team to have won a back to back Super Bowl in 1972 and 1973. Though they lost in the 1974 Super Bowl, the ticket holders were able to witness a great play from the Dolphins. With a performance such as this, no wonder people are lining up to get themselves a Dolphins tickets.

The people behind the team are the reason for their greatness. Don Shula, the most successful coach in NFL history, has been their guide. Also, the Dolphins have with them six Football Hall of Famers, Larry Csonka, Bob Griese, and Nick Buoniconti to name a few. Because of the great plays these people put on the field, the tickets are being consumed by the fans the moment the booths are opened.

The Sun Life Stadium is the home of the Miami Dolphins. This state of the art stadium provide the Dolphins ticket holders experience a one of a kind game. The cost of the tickets is a bargain compared to the great amenities the fans are offered and the great game they are to watch.

Though the team hasn’t been playing well these past years, people are still watching their games. They are now addressing their weaknesses and is preparing for a comeback. Fans are looking forward to watching their beloved team play again and triumph in the field.

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