The Past of Bowling

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Bowling is an extremely popular game, played all over the globe. An estimated 100 million people play it across more than 90 countries. Thus, bowling is admired and played, all over the world, as a sport and also as a means of entertainment. It is not only popular in present day and time, but also has an exciting history. It was played with the same fervor, hundreds of years ago.

As old As History

Talking of sports, bowling is the most ancient sport in history. Its origin has been trailed back to the primitive age. This claim has also been supported by evidence. Objects resembling present day bowling were unearthed from the grave of a child, in Egypt. Coming closer to the present era, bowling was a sacred ritual in Germany in year 300 A.D.

England & Its Connection With Bowling

When it traveled to England, is not known, but was first spotted here in the 1100s. Bowling was played all over England in its various forms in around the year 1350. Half-bowls, skittles and ninepins were various different forms of bowling, popular in England at that time. The popularity of bowling was so much in England during this time that a written indication of existence of a game resembling bowling, can also be found in books dating back to year 1366.

The American Bowling Bond

At some point in the 17th century, bowling slowly traveled to America with immigrants from different parts of Europe, mainly England and Germany. Though, various forms of bowling differed slightly from one another, the most common was the one with ninepins. This form of bowling is common until date in New York, known by its modern name ‘Bowling Green’. America developed an everlasting love for this game.

Its fame saw the formation of The American Bowling Congress in the year 1895. With this, the rules and regulations of the game were regulated and countrywide bowling contests started taking place. Two decades later, another organization was born. In 1917, The Women’s Bowling League or The Women’s International Congress encouraged women to take part in national bowling competitions.

Advancements In The Game, Bowling Then And Now

With time, the game of bowling has seen a lot of changes. Automatic pin spotter came in the year 1940 and transformed the game completely. Earlier it was the job of ‘pinboys’ to rearrange the pins after each shot. The invention of pin setting machine in 1952 entirely changed the way things worked. These days, the position of the remaining pins and scores of the players are displayed on screens. The fun of bowling is complete with fluorescent lights and loud music in the background.

Sport, recreation, fun, excitement, target; there are many faces of this amazing game and it continues to be people’s favorite. The Love for this game is evident by the fact that it has managed to survive through ages.

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write by Mitchell Sandson

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