The Pros and Cons to Wearing Pantyhose

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Pantyhose can have many advantages to wearing them that have helped to create their popularity. There are however, some disadvantages to wearing them that might make you stick with your bare legs. Learning about all the pros and cons to wearing the tight leggings, might have you decide on which way to go.

There are several reasons why you might want to wear a pair of pantyhose. Perhaps you have chosen a skirt or a dress and just want something to hide your legs. Many women do not like the look of their legs. The skin color might be too bright or too flawed, there might be noticeable veins or scars that no one wants to show off. For those who simply want to cover up their legs, then pantyhose work`s well! Some women like to wear pantyhose to add to the look of the outfit.

Pantyhose can have some health benefits as well as fashion pros. They can provide extra support and elevate back and leg pain. This is most useful for women who are on their feet for long work shifts such as cashiers or nurses. Pantyhose are also worn by people who want to prevent or correct varicose veins. It is thought that these blue unsightly veins are caused by too much pressure on the veins by standing in one spot for a long time. So for anyone who has to stand in one spot for duration of time, might find that pantyhose can help to prevent strain to the veins and muscles.

For anyone with dry skin, wearing pantyhose might erase that cracked and brittle skin. Pantyhose can retain some heat in them which helps to keep your skin from being exposed to the harmful effects of some weather conditions, such as cold air, wind and bright sunlight.

There are however, some risks associated with pantyhose. For people who wear it every day they might be at greater risk for developing; yeast infections, urinary and bacteria problems. The reason for this is that when women are wearing pantyhose, the heat that is retained in the material might cause women to have abnormal fluctuations in her PH counts. The fluctuation can lead to bacteria growth and disturbances that can develop into infections.

A way to prevent any infections is to wear thigh high pantyhose or knee high pantyhose. Or if you must wear the ones that crop up over the stomach, you can try not using them every day. Pantyhose can often be uncomfortable for those that sit on the waist line. The top ring around the edge can sometimes dig into the stomach and it is often a nuisance to have pulled up over any under garments. So wearing pantyhose that just comes up to the thighs with a garter is a great way to save on comfort and of course infections as well.

Pantyhose are a fashion item that will stand the test of time. People love wearing them and like the fact that with so many colors and styles available, that the look of an outfit can actually be improved by a set of pantyhose. Knowing about the pros and cons to using them, can help you wear them more effectively. For example; if you ever develop leg issues, you might know that wearing pantyhose can help. And if you begin to develop abnormal amounts of yeast infections, you can always try substituting for a different kind of pantyhose.

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