The Story Behind Superdry Gilet

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Walking around the high street this Autumn you can’t help notice the popularity of gilets and body warmers being worn. One of the more popular brands is the Superdry gilet although there are many other brands which are equally popular (in case you were wondering what is the difference between a body warmer and a gilet then the truth is there actually isn’t any real difference!)

The Superdry company is a very modern day success story. The company was only created in 2003 and doesn’t use any form of advertising to promote it’s products, instead it relies on viral marketing. This doesn’t seem to have affected sales in any way as it is now one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the United Kingdom.

The company’s fashion identity is kind of a “Japanese Streetwear” look. Perhaps the best way to describe it is if you’ve seen someone wearing a top with Japanese writing on it there’s a pretty good chance that it is Superdry clothing. However, the company was actually founded in Cheltenham, England and only has a very tenuous link to Japan after the founder spent some time there when he was young.

Their clothes are not cutting edge fashion but they are extremely well made and a lot of attention is given to detailing. As an example, the Superdry gilet features tartan check lining which gives the gilet added contrast when the gilet is worn unzipped.

The brand appeals to style conscious teens but equally so to forty somethings who still feel comfortable wearing hooded sweatshirts or printed T shirts. Although the label is still mostly targeted at men the company are making a conscious effort to increase the women’s clothing range.

They must be doing something right as they now have over forty stores in the U.K (some of them franchises). They also have concessions in virtually all House of Fraser Stores and have stores in over eighteen countries. With firm plans to expand even further overseas then it’s safe to say this low profile fashion brand is now a player in the global market.

When asked what was the major factor in the company’s success the reply was that it came down to three main factors. Firstly, the brand’s exposure through it’s concessions at House of Fraser gave it a fantastic platform from which to further build it’s image. Secondly, the company have been fortunate for some very famous A list celebrities to be seen (and photographed by the paparazzi) wearing Superdry clothing and thirdly the Japanese Streetwear look happened to strike a chord with the right demographics so therefore all three factors played a major role in the company’s success.

The company expects the brand profile to increase in the coming years so expect to see more of this cool fashion label on the streets!

write by Kerenza

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