Top 10 Tips to Bet the NFL

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As we all know, most sports wagers are made on football, specifically in NFL games, and being this the case, it is advantageous to count with a few tips that can help attain better results when trying to beat the house, let’s see.

  1. As per previous experiences, it is advisable that you place a bet against last year’s Super Bowl winner, and also against the runner-up, and you must do it early in the season in order to obtain the best possible results.
  2. You can place a wager against a team that is on its 3rd consecutive road game, as statistics shows that you are most likely to come up with a win.
  3. You can also place a wager favoring a home team that has come up with victories on its last two matches playing as a dog. This works because the team that was previously considered an underdog is now playing with more strength and with the support of its home crowd.
  4. Place a bet against a team that is looking to cover the spread when playing on the road for the second consecutive time, as it is well known that laying points in NFL wagering does not come easy, and to make it twice in a roll is tougher.
  5. You can place a wager on an underdog that was shutout the previous week on the road, and whom are also considered a dog this week. Chances are that they will be quite motivated and will have what it is required to win.
  6. You can bet on a divisional team that is -1 or a pick on the spread, as the game is expected to be quite close and playing at home usually grants the advantage.
  7. Place a bet on any given team that is considered a home dog, and that granted 40 or more points the previous week, as it is now playing with the support of its home crowd and it is eager to show a more proficient performance.
  8. Bet on a home underdog that managed to come up with a victory on the road the previous week, as they will come quite motivated to the present game.
  9. In the playoffs, place a wager on a wild card team that is playing a divisional winner, as statistics shows that placing such bet has mostly resulted in a win.
  10. And last but not least, you can take the underdog when two direct rivals are playing, as the trend of picking the least favoring team has always favored the bettor, and not the house.

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