TV Series That Will Be Missed in 2011

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Another year has passed in the world of television and we’d like to look back on the most notable TV moments of 2010. The longest running soap opera in TV history, “As The World Turns”, has come to an end. We’ve also had the most viewed TV broadcast in American history: The Super Bowl match between the Saints and the Colts had 106.5 million viewers, an amazing and never before seen number.

We also got our fair dose of television controversy. Sarah Palin got her own real life series on TLC, in which she tries to show “the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans”. Meanwhile, daughter Bristol competes against couples in “Dancing with the Stars”, which was cause for some good old conspiracy theories.

But what to do when a great amount of awesome shows is being pulled off the air? We of TV reviews decided to make a list of the series that we will miss the most.

10. The Office: Can The Office exist without its lead actor? I don’t believe it would be a wise decision to continue the series without Carell as Michael Scott. If they do, let’s hope they do it well. We all know what happened to “That 70s show”, “Scrubs” and “Spin City” after the main actor quit.

9. Oprah Winfrey: Oprah had many American housewives hooked for over 20 years. You can stop looking under our chairs now, Oprah is over.

8. Simon Cowell: Simon will leave American Idol to bring the sing-off show The X Factor to Fox. Cowell was definitely the face of the show and American Idol will have a hard time without its main judge. Another new talent show, called The Voice of America, will go head-to-head with Idol this spring, making it even harder for the show to keep viewers tuned in.

7. Larry King Live: After 25 years of CNN talk show duty, Larry is off. And even though the King got a little ‘worn out’ at the end (can I say that about such a big star?), Larry did bring us great television and some of his famous interviews will stick with us forever.

6. Entourage: I could never really enjoy this show but it had some ‘magic’ to it that I kind of liked. The seventh season received some bad criticism and the shows last season will air in 2011. This will be a special, shortened season containing only 8 episodes. Worth watching?

5. Medium: NBC cancelled this show last year but it was saved by CBS. The series will now be thrown off air for good. The writers have announced that the last episode of the show will be a ‘series defining episode’. Main question is: do we still care for this show at all?

4. Smallville: This show is still very enjoyable. As you may know, Smallville was already cancelled but then renewed. This time it’s for certain: no more heroes to save the day.

3. Friday Night Lights: FNL is definitely in my ‘top 10 favourite shows of 2010’ but while the drama is still at its best, the show won’t continue after next season.

2. Lost: The writers have been planning this since season 3 but fans kept on hoping. Lost never ends, right? Fans from all over the world have been watching Lost for the last couple of years and ratings were amazing since the start. The premiere episode of season 2 reached a stunning 23 million viewers. And even last season’s first episode climbed to 12.1 million U.S. viewers. Goodbye Lost, we will miss you.

1. The Closer: Shocker! Monday nights will never be the same again. Even though ratings are still great and the show is at its best right now, Kyra Sedwick wants to ‘move on’ and has decided to stop playing her role as Brenda Leigh Johnson. Certainly a loss for TNT and Monday night television.

write by Ambrose

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