Ultimate Flash Sonic

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Ultimate Flash Sonic is the best sonic free game available on the internet. If you look at the online statistics you will see that ultimate flash is the most searched sonic game online.

It captures the old 2D feel perfect, that’s why it is so popular.

Honorable mentions are Super Smash Flash and the Sonic RPGs.

Super Smash Flash is similar to Super Smash Brothers. You have a large selection of characters to chose from. And you are not only limited to sonic characters, you can play as Mario, Link, Pikachu, and other famous video game characters.

The sonic RPGs are very similar to the Final Fantasy games, which is a good thing. The creators have been very creative in coming up with new characters

Ultimate Flash Sonic puts you in the shoes of our blue hero or his friends. As usual you have to beat the evil Dr. Robotnik who is planning his bad schemes.

Collect as many gold rings as you can and finish the stages quick to get a high score.

Use different platforms to propel yourself throughout the stage faster, leaving your enemies in the dust and dr. Robotnik flabbergasted.

One element the game is missing are the extras like the boots or the blue shield. I hope the creator makes a sequel that has this in it. The game also takes a while to load because it is quite large.

Graphics: A+

You will play through familiar stages, from lush tropical stages to the cold and chilling ice stage

Animation: A

Make sonic spin like the good old days and watch him zoom away

Sound: B+

It has all the familiar sonic sounds and the music quite good. The main menu song is irritating, though

Gameplay: A-

The gameplay itself is good, but playing sonic on your keyboard is different than the joypad.

write by James Jeter

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