Underarm Hair Removal – Top 3 Methods for You

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Underarm hair removal has become a must for women during the last 50 years because it gives us a more clean and attractive look.

But which methods are the best and give you the longest lasting results?

Different women have different choices about hair removal methods. So this guide helps you compare them all and choose the best one for you.

Here are some of the most popular hair removal methods for underarm…

Method #1: Shaving

Shaving has been one of the easiest and most commonly used temporary hair removal methods for decades.

One benefit of it includes it being very cost-effective. Also it is quite easy and all of us know how to remove underarm hair by shaving.

But it has some downsides too, like it being just a temporary method. So you’ll have to do it again and again every couple of days for perfect results and having a clean, hair-free skin all the time.

Also if you don’t know how to shave properly, you may irritate your skin, get ingrown hair, or even pimples.

So if you want to protect your skin more or look for a longer lasting method, shaving may not be the best option for you.

Method #2: Waxing

Also known as Brazilian waxing, it has become quite popular among women to remove your pubic hair and underarm hair in the recent years.

One good advantage of it over shaving is that it gives you a much smoother skin and the results of it lasts for many more days.

But on the other hand, waxing can hurt a lot because you pull the hair roots out of your skin but shaving only cuts the hair.

So if you are sensitive to pain, this method may not be for you.

Method #3: Laser Underarm Hair Removal

Laser is a permanent hair removal method which means after you entire treatment is done, you will never see unwanted hair in your underarm. No need also to repeat temporary methods like shaving every few days.

You can save lots of time and energy in the long term by doing this easy treatment just once.

That’s why laser has become the favorite methods for tens of thousands of women and men around the world to remove their facial and body hair permanently.

The only concern about it usually is the cost of it, which can be pretty high for some people.

But if you really like to go hair-free forever and never have to shave again, this method may be well worth it for you.

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write by Briston Blair

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