Unibrow Removal: Tweezing Versus Waxing

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Some aesthetics and physical traits considered ugly in some cultures are sometimes considered beautiful in others. The unibrow (or Synophrys, as it is medically referred to) is a prime example for the United States. Thus, using hair removal products for unibrow removal has become a popular process. While other countries like South Sri Lanka and Iran are actually drawing unibrows on because they symbolize purity in women and virility in men, the United States keeps coming up with ways to get rid of them. Two of the most popular ways of unibrow removal with hair removal products are tweezing and waxing. This article will describe why those have become so popular.


Tweezers date back as far as Predynastic Egypt in about 3000 B.C. in drawings of Egyptians using them to grasp pots. There are many different things to consider when comparing tweezing to waxing, including the supplies that are required and how expensive those supplies might be, the time it takes for each process, the reaction to fine hairs, and the accuracy of getting the desired shape. Tweezing is great for people who have the time for it and for people who might want a specific arc or thinness in their brow. As far as the supplies that are required for tweezing all that’s need is a good pair of tweezers, though there are different kinds to consider, such as flat tip or blunt tip tweezers, and optical, magnetic, and electric, among others. It is all a matter of personal opinion for the person performing the tweezing as to which type he or she buys.


Similar to tweezing, waxing dates back to the Egyptians as well, though the similarities end there. While some countries might consider body hair natural and beautiful, that was not the case for the Egyptians, as a hairless body on women was considered beautiful, young, and innocent. The Greeks later adopted the Egyptian’s idea of a smooth body for women as can be indicated on their statues. With the high price range of waxing in some salons and beauty stores, people might be wondering how the Egyptians and Greeks performed the process. They made homemade wax with oil and honey, something that can also be done today and is often referred to as “sugaring.”

For those who cannot afford the salon treatments, making homemade wax and strips out of old cotton t-shirts or bed sheets is an alternative. Waxing also has the advantages of removing large areas of hair at once and lasting much longer than tweezing. People that are new to the waxing process must be careful, however, because some waxes might cause skin irritation and they may take off more or the wrong hairs.

It is easy to see the differences and similarities between the two. People that have more time but less money to spend might opt for tweezing while those that have less time but more money might opt for waxing. This article should have cleared up any questions or concerns about unibrow removal and the two big hair removal products, tweezing and waxing.

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