Wax Candle Making Materials

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1. Fragrances: You can choose virtually any scent you want. You can use perfumes and fragrance oils you like or you can purchase specially made candle scents which will increase the hardiness of the flame that your candle burns.

2. Wax: there are many types of waxes to choose from. Paraffin, a petroleum based wax. Soy candle wax, made from soy extracts, is great for the environment and mainly made in the united states. Bees wax, which has a unique aroma and makes great melting wax candles.

3. Wicks: These are essential to your melting wax candles. You can choose to make these wicks yourself by getting thick cotton strings and dipping them in wax and then straightening them out, or you can purchase them. If your making scented melting wax candles you could either choose to scent your candle wax or scent the wick.

4. Molds: For beginners you should try to choose something simple and a shape that will be easy for you to remove your wax candle from but with more experience you can figure out how to make and use more complex molds. These molds can either be bought or made yourself, all you need is a little patience and some creativity.

5. Double boiler: This is very simple. Simply get a large wide pot and sit something metal and the size of a coffee can in the center. Add a little bit of water and set your stove on high and begin adding your chunks of wax. Now your melting wax candles. Be sure to stir the wax constantly and if it begins to boil or smoke it’s too hot and you should turn the heat off immediately. Candle wax is very flammable and needs to be handled with safety.

6. Jars: You can choose to pour your melting candle wax into jars instead of molds. This method is much more simple. You don’t need to remove your candle from a mold after being poured cause its already in its own personal holder. Jars can also provide a unique style and shape to your wax candles.

7. Safety Materials: Be sure to use your oven mitts when your melting wax candles. Keep children and pets away from the melting area. Be careful to monitor the temperature of your wax to prevent fires. In the case that there is a fire, put it out with a fire extinguisher or baking soda.

write by Wolfgang

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