Weimaraner Training – 5 Rules For Successful Dog Training

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A Weimaraner is a working breed. That means the breed was bred originally to hunt bear and boar. That makes this dog extremely energetic, high strung, intelligent, and needy. Here are 5 key rules when training a Weimaraner.

1. Engage Your Weimaraner in Vigorous Exercise

The Weimaraner breed has not been watered down since domestication. So its instinct to hunt and dig are still deeply engrained. These dogs have so much energy, they can outlast their master in play any day of the week!

You must tire them out by taking them to a dog run at least 2-3 times a day for an hour each time. Let them jostle with other dogs. This activity alone will wear them out. Another good idea would be to start them on an agility training program.

2. Engage The Weimaraner’s Intellect

Another one of the 5 key rules when training a Weimaraner is engaging their intellect. The Weimaraner is a very intelligent breed. Mental stimulation for this dog is a must.

Agility training will help with both physical stimulation and mental stimulation. In agility training, the dog is trained to go through an obstacle course. This makes the dog have to think on its feet.

3. Alleviate Separation Anxiety

Weimaraners tend to be very clingy to their masters. They become very upset when separated from their masters for very long periods of time. Onf of the best 5 key rules when training a Weimaraner is to slowly introduce your Weimeraner to the concept of your leaving him.

First, let him see you put on your shoes and coat. But then don’t go anywhere. Then, on another occasion, let him see you pick up your keys as if you are getting ready to leave. Dogs know when their masters are going out.

But again, you’re not going to actually leave. The idea is you want to work your way into him getting used to you about to leave so that his anxiety level becomes less and less.

Finally, after doing those two exercises a few times, actually leave him and come back in 5 minutes. The next time you leave him, come back in 10 minutes. This will slowly build his tolerance for his anxiety attacks.

4. Let Him Sleep On His Own Bed

The fourth of the 5 key rules to training a Weimaraner is to let your dog get used to sleeping in his own bed! Many dog owners, myself included, allow their dogs to sleep in the same bed.

The problem with this is, your Weimaraner is already needy. If you allow him to sleep in your bed, you’ll never get him to go into a crate. And, crate training is crucial for the Weimaraner.

5. Crate Train Early

Lastly, crate training for the Weimaraner is crucial. Crate training allows your dog to view his crate as a safe haven. Feeling safe emotionally is what Weimaraners crave.

Early crate training your Weimaraner will also help with separation anxiety. How? Dogs are den animals. Having a cave-like place to go to is comforting for a dog. What better way for your Weimaraner to feel safe in his natural habitat than by putting him in a crate, which replicates a den for him?

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