What Do Successful Turnkey Internet Business Owners & the Super Bowl Winning Saints Have in Common?

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What do those Super Bowl winning Saints have in common with successful turnkey internet business entrepreneurs? If you watched the game you will most certainly know at least one thing they have in common, a powerful success mindset. Watching from the beginning, it was clear this team was determined to succeed at all costs and to overcome adversity.

Clearly we know, it takes more than just a strong mindset to achieve a lifelong dream like the Super Bowl. Think of the turnkey internet business in the same way you would an important sporting event…it takes drive, determination, a strong belief in oneself, support and encouragement, and taking action daily toward your goal. Following are three things that I believe that these Super Bowl stars have in common with successful turnkey internet business entrepreneurs.

1. a success mindset – true in all walks of life, your mindset is truly what drives your manifestation and whether or not you are attracting abundance. Someone with a success mindset has a strong belief that they can do it. They may not know how but they have the trust that with continued energy placed on the positive outcome, they will achieve their goal.

2. drive and determination – successful individuals like the Saints certainly didn’t get where they were without daily practice. As with professional sports, creating a successful turnkey internet businesses requires daily action. And just like daily practice, sometimes intense internet marketing strategies and generating volumes of content can be tedious and time consuming…it requires fortitude to continue to do it every day.

Truthfully, there are few who achieve mega millions online and many, many who fail but, when you achieve your goal of building residual income even if it’s not millions, it is so freeing and exciting that you know instantly the hard work has all been worth it!

3. encouragement and support from others – clearly Drew Bees didn’t do this on his own. He had like minded team members. And every winning team has strong encouragement and support from coaches and mentors who also push them to achieve.

Successful turnkey internet business entrepreneurs have the same support system. And, with the popularity of online mentors, support forums and online communities this is readily available to internet newcomers looking to build the necessary support system. Even if they don’t win the Super Bowl…many still play football with a drive and dedication and above all passion for what they do. Not every team can win every Super Bowl and likewise not every person will achieve the dream of internet millions. Please don’t let that stop you from pursuing your passion and playing in the league!

Unlike professional sports – a turnkey internet business – any online business for that matter, requires no special skills or experience and is available to everyone. In fact, there is such a low barrier to entry, people can even start online businesses for free. So, there should be no excuse because “I don’t have the skills or experience”.

In fact, what holds many people back from giving it a try are the three things listed above, the success mindset, the determination to consistently take action and a strong support system. I’ll be the first one to share with you the truth about a turnkey internet business. It’s work. It requires dedication, it requires daily action and above all it requires a strong, positive mindset AND a strong support system. But, all of those things are available to you if you choose them.

write by Daria

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