Wide Receivers – Work on Catching the Ball With Just Your Hands

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As a wide receiver you know that you are supposed to catch the ball with your hands, not trapping it against your body. Now during a game, the only thing that is important is catching the ball any way you can. You can trap it against your body or even your helmet. Who could forget that unbelievable catch by David Tyree, trapping the ball to the back of his helmet, to extend the final game winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. But in practice, you always try to catch it with your hands.

One drill is simple, but will work on your hand eye coordination and help you to catch the ball with just your hands at the highest point. Lie on your back and gentle throw a ball straight up. As the ball comes back to you, reach out and grab it. Then always look the ball to tuck. Then simply repeat.

Now I know that this is a simple drill, but if you continue to do this every night your hand eye coordination will improve, not to mention your hand strength and muscle memory placing your hands at the proper distance apart to make the catch. There are always variations that can be used. Try starting your throw with your eyes closed then opening them to increase your reaction time. Try catching the ball with one hand, alternating between throws.

This simple but effective drill will help any wide receiver catch the ball with his hands improving his game.

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