Women’s Pants in 2008 – Good By Low Rise Hello High Waist

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For years we’ve been visually stimulated and assaulted by the popular low rise jeans. Some girls look great flaunting what they got in the plummeting waist line of low cut pants while others would be better off pulling their pants up and shielding our eyes from the ever present “crack.” Whether you love them or hate them they are leaving shelves and being replaces by high waisted alternatives. Have no fear, these aren’t the high waisted pants that garnish the wardrobe of those unwilling to leave the 80’s. Instead this latest trend in legwear is sexy and seductive and great for girls who have curves that low riders didn’t do justice to. If you’re tired of pulling your pants up every time you sit, stand or otherwise maneuver through the crowd but still want to look hot these pants may be for you. Here are some great tips to help you pull off the latest trend in pants.

  • Length: When it comes to high waisted jeans and pants length is a big issue. By sheer design they are long and therefore not always easy to wear for those of you with a shorter stature. If you plan on wearing high waist pants make sure they are the right length. Your pants should cover most of your shoe and slightly graze the floor. The only part of your shoe that should shoe is a sliver of your heal and the first inch or two of the toe of your shoe. In other words we want to know you have shoes on but we don’t want to know what color socks you have on.
  • Width: Just as most high waisted pants tend to be super long, they also are generally wider than your low rise jeans. This is partially because the wider style pant is in right now. While yes, there are high waisted skinny style jeans, they tend to look a little ridiculous and are hard for even the fashion savvy to pull off. Make sure your pants are wide enough give a little and aren’t so tight that they show squeeze your gut showing bumps and excess weight. However, you also want to avoid pants that are too wide and give the circus tent effect. These will make you look a lot larger than you actually are. Even Hollywood honey’s who claim size two pants can look portly if they wear high waists that are to wide.
  • Shirts: High waisted pants go great with fitted shirts while the baby doll dress tops, and the empire waisted shirts we knew in the beginning of the season are better left paired with leggings and low rises. When you choose your shirt, look for either a fitted button down that you can tuck in or fitted tops that aren’t to busy. Tops that are to busy tend to take away from the pants and generally look silly if not down right horrible.
  • Shoes: Unless you’ve been blessed/cursed with ultra long legs, high waisted jeans look best with heels. For those of you who are on the short side, heels will give you that extra few inches to make these pants practical. For those of you are are a little wider, heels will help elongate your body making the pants look more suitable for your body type. If you are are extremely tall then you should be able to wear flats, although heels class this look up.
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