Wood Furniture Care – Using Floor Wax To Protect Your Floors

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When it comes to wooden flooring, a number of things can damage it and leave it looking a little worse for wear. For this reason there are a number of things which you can do to make it look clean and new and to protect it against the daily elements. One of these ways is to wax the floor and many people do actually enjoy doing this because of the results that it brings.

What is Floor Wax and how can it help?

Floor wax is usually made from beeswax and carnauba. However you can also purchase wax which contains silicone too and that tends to high a higher shine to it. It all depends upon your personal preferences as to which one you choose for your home but it is worth researching a little about each type of wax to be able to make the best decision.

When it comes to actually applying the wax it really is quite simple. Generally it is better to make sure that you have sealed your floor before you wax it as this will help to give the best results. If you are unsure of what to do then simply use a clear varnish beforehand and that will do the job.

The first real step that you have to take is to clean the floor. Obviously you do not want pieces of dirt and dust stuck to the wax as it will make it look dirty and uneven. The best cleaning mixture is linseed oil and mineral spirits with a piece of steel wool to apply it. Simply run the steel wool over the surface of the floor and then once you have done that use a rag to apply a layer of mineral spirits. One thing to keep in mind when using mineral spirits is to keep the room well ventilated.

The next step is to use the liquid wood floor wax and use a soft lint free cloth to apply it to the floor. It is important to note that you should never just pour the wax onto the floor; it needs to be done carefully with a cloth. In order to get the best results make sure that you go in small circular motions and be careful that you are applying the wax evenly over the whole floor surface.

Once you have covered the whole floor it is important to let it dry properly. This should only usually take one hour but it may vary so just be patient. When it has eventually dried you should then buffer it with a soft, clean cloth. You then have to apply another coat of wax but this time go with the grain of the wood and then roughly 2-8 hours after that buffer it out again.

The final step is to ensure that you get rid of anything that you have used to put the wax on such as cloths. Avoid water based waxes whenever possible as they do tend to spoil finishes and that will undo a lot of hard work which you have done.

Overall applying floor wax can save you a lot of money, you just need to know what you are doing. By waxing the floor you are giving it more shine, it will look like new and it will be protected for years.

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write by Samuel Plummer

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